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Career Areas

At Highlands, we have a high-performance and rewarding culture that emphasizes on innovation, growth and diversity. We understand the need to create an ample environment that inspires employees to explore and realize their full potential.  For these reasons, we are committed to our people’s professional and personal development by offering and creating diverse opportunities.

We recognize that the success of our business relies on the quality and motivation of our people. As such, our recruitment policy ensures that we employ highly qualified, passionate and dedicated candidates who fit and blend into the company’s values.

Career areas in Highlands are in the following departments:

Human Resource and Administration Department

where we handle recruitment, performance management, leave management, time and attendance and occupational health and safety

Sales and Marketing Department

which is responsible for developing strong brands, communicating with our customers and shoppers and ensuring that the Highlands products are available “within arms reach” through engaging with our customers.

Supply Chain Department

which entails the careful sourcing of raw materials, their conversion into finished goods, quality assurance and the delivery of the refreshing Highlands beverages into the market.

Finance Department

which is responsible for management of the organization’s cash flow, advising and sourcing longer term financing, matters regarding taxes and providing financial information required for decision making.

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