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Where we come from makes us who we are.

Thanks to the Aberdare rainforest, Highlands Mineral Water Company has a heritage of quality spanning over 60 years.


Just like the Aberdare, we pride ourselves in a variety of world class products. The Delightfully Refreshing Highlands Drinking Water and the ever-flavorful Highlands Cordials have refreshed Kenyans for decades. Club Soda promises to refresh the soft drinks market with sensational taste at a low price everyone can afford. Our new kid on the block, Club Energy packs you with energy and keeps you in control.


We believe that we can be only as strong as the society we operate. In this spirit, we’ve supported and continue to support environmentally conscious initiatives such as the Rhino Charge, Lewa marathon and the 10 to 4 Mountain Bike Challenge.

Here’s to the gift of nature. Here’s to where we come from.